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The strongest and most effective CBD oils for anxiety from the top brands in the industry.

The best CBD oils and creams for natural and effective pain management.

The best CBD sleep aids you can get from the top CBD manufacturers right now.

The best CBD oil tinctures for pets available from the top CBD manufacturers.

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Metricanna is a

Trusted Provider of CBD Products

Metricanna curates multiple brands to source only the best vendors that take pride in doing it right. We further evaluate the growers behind the brands seeking the “Craft Farmers” that practice organic farming techniques, enlist predator insects for pest control and practice a “zero-waste” grow and production process.


Seeds & Genetics

Metricanna strictly monitors all levels of production from cell to sell.


Craft Farmers

We partner with vendors that are transparent on how products are made and processed.


Growers, Field & Soil

We use the most sustainable practices that ensure the highest quality hemp.

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  • I am beyond impressed with your product and feel the need to let others know! My friend recommended I try CBD for my sore joints. It made me feel 10 years younger! The product shipped quickly and I love how the dropper allows you to measure out the appropriate dosage. CBD really works!
  • CBD is such an awesome compound and being able to apply it directly to my problem areas takes it to a new level. It smells really good too. As a recommendation, start small and work your way up. These are big bottles and can go a long way.
  • I typically don't write reviews but I had to share. A friend recommended I try CBD and I went with onCBD because of their affiliation with a pilot program (it felt safe!!). My arthritis pain is bothersome and Aleve was the only thing that worked. After 1 week taking the 50mg pill I am off Aleve and feeling better than ever! I love that it is a natural product and is healthier than my prescribed medications. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
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