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The Denver CBD Company™ sources product from the first certified USDA organic hemp greenhouse in the state of Colorado. We take pride in doing it right – from the roots. We practice biodynamic farming techniques, enlist predator insects for pest control and practice a “zero-waste” grow and production process.

“We don’t grow hemp – We grow soil, and the soil grows hemp”.

01. Seeds, Soil & Growers

The late great Henry Ford once said that “quality means doing it right when no-one is looking.” When it comes to CBD oil, that means three things:

First, sourcing the finest high-CBD hemp seeds in the world. Second, growing those seeds in organic soil. No contaminants allowed. Third, finding farmers to nurture the seeds into first-class hemp plants.


02. Extraction

Conventional methods involve exposing CBDA to high heats for up to several hours. This destroys the plants terpenes (molecules with health benefits). Some companies resort to using chemicals… but this contaminates the oil. At Denver, we pioneered a process that uses heated air to extract the good stuff in under 2 seconds.

Which means: you get to enjoy CBD oil to it’s full effect, without ingesting harmful chemicals.

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03. Testing & Bottling

Controlling every level of the process is extremely vital to our culture at Denver CBD.

Our products are manufactured in a state certified pharmacy under the ISO standards that ensure superior quality. If the CBD concentration is too low… or any contaminants are found… the oil is discarded before it’s even bottled.


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