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Denver CBD Peppermint CBD Oral Drops


100% Organic Full-Spectrum Peppermint CBD oil drops.

Tastes Great | Absorbs Faster | Works Better

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Typically, we hear 2 complaints with CBD Oils…

Complaint #1

“It’s helping my back pain a bit, but it tastes AWFUL. But, if that’s what I gotta do, then that’s what I gotta do.”

Not Anymore…

Our Peppermint CBD Oral Drops are a cool blast of fresh mint.  Just one drop not only tastes great, but leaves your mouth smelling fresh, too. Or, if you’re looking to add some mint to tea, it’s great for that. No more sacrificing taste to relieve pain or anxiety. For one important reason…

If the goal is to relieve pain and/or anxiety, there shouldn’t be so much pain and/or anxiety just to take CBD Oil!  Start taking a product you can look forward to using every day!

Complaint #2

“Not only does it taste awful, it’s not doing anything. I don’t feel any difference in my pain and I’m tired of investing in products that don’t work.

Here’s Why…

The problem with other CBD Oils is they’re CBD isolates, which eliminate the other compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) that work with your body to provide relief. Think of it like a team… CBD is just one contributor, the added cannabinoids, terpenes and other powerful ingredients all work together to help eliminate pain, anxiety, and more.

How It Works

Simply take the dropper, apply Peppermint CBD Oral Drops under your tongue, and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. Why? This actually allows your body to absorb it the fastest while bypassing the kidneys.

You can also add drops to some of your favorite drinks, like tea. It’s easy to feel confident doing this considering our Peppermint CBD Oral Drops are priced lower per MG than other companies.

What to Know

Equipped with a 30 mL dropper bottle, choose your strength and you’re good to go:



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