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to Sell CBD Products

The Metricanna Certification Program Matchs High-Quality & High-Scale Vertically-Integrated Supply with the Best Brands and Wholesalers. As a marketplace, Metricanna is home to emerging CBD brands where you can sell CBD products and discover trusted and tested CBD products from all over the United States.

How It Works

We insure the quality, compliance, business scale, and trustworthiness of Network Partners by evaluating 4 key areas for Metricanna Certification.


Legal and Compliance Review


Organic and GMP Practices Review


Financial and Business Scale Review


Trustworthiness and Good People Review

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Metricanna CBD Marketplace

With low fees, powerful tools, and support and education, we help CBD entrepreneurs start, manage, and scale their businesses.


Simple setup

Get started in seconds, so you can sell more


Sell like a pro

Use our heavily optimized purchase experience


In-depth analytics

Know what goes into growing your business in real-time


Customer management

Easily respond to customers and issue refunds

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Why Get Metricanna Certified?

7 Hemp Supply Chain Issues and the Metricanna Certified Network Advantage

Issue 1 –  Lack of quality in the overall supply chain

Metricanna Certified Network Advantage – We “qualify” and “certify” vendors in our network, ensuring high quality in products and services throughout the supply chain.

Issue 2 – Lack of consistency between labs

Metricanna Certified Network Advantage We establish “control” standards to ensure consistent, repeatable performance

Issue 3 – Lack of competency and expertise

Metricanna Certified Network Advantage We work with established organizations, with a proven operating history, strong operators and established capitalization in the Hemp industry

Issue 4 – Lack of trust in the newly established operators

Metricanna Certified Network AdvantageWe diligence our partners, inspect their operations, and work hand-in-hand to ensure success

Issue 5 – No security and assuredness in the operation

Metricanna Certified Network Advantage We work with our partners to establish insurance, accreditation and operational security

Issue 6 – No established performance standards for quality, timelines, expectations

Metricanna Certified Network Advantage We establish contracts with performance-based outcomes tied to price and risk, ensuring optimal outcomes

Issue 7 – Regional access is lacking

Metricanna Certified Network Advantage Our network helps “solve” for Regional or National access

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